The first Horseman rides unfettered

The beginnings of the Goblin Liege

More hints as to the origin of the mysterious Antonys

A season foretold in myth is
upon Wulf as he wonders the plains following Pestilence. He is joined
by others on his quest, including a beguiling priestess who is more than she appears. Will hidden agendas and jealousy tear them apart before the land succumbs to disease?










is where it all begins.


The Horde makes its move

The Zombie Pistoleer emerges

The rise and fall of the Grand Mob

Linked to the past, a new breed
of hero appears a decade after the Goblin Thaw, only to find the land wracked by supernatural famine. But, in following her faith, will
Mew lead those around her to salvation, or to ruin?

While beneath it all, the Garm wait
to make their move…










of the Fimbulvetr trilogy.


Book One of the post-apocalyptic Fimbulvetr Trilogy, Wind of Chains follows the Lonely Forgotten Sun of God and her fight against the rise
of the angelic Horde.

In this follow-up to Goblin Winter,
Daniel Scott Westby tells a tale of
destiny and legacy while imagining a fantastic future in which no hope remains, but in which unique characters find solace and salvation in each other.

Daniel Scott Westby was born in Minnesota in 1975. He holds degrees in Literature and Design, and now resides with his wife and black cat in Colorado.
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